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    685 S2 (B)
    (Home Speakers - Bookshelf Speakers)

    The Decoupled Double Dome tweeter found in the 685 S2 offers a dual-layer design that combines a thin aluminium dome for lightness and a thicker aluminium ring for rigidity. The tweeter is also decoupled from the main cabinet, kept physically separate in its own cavity with a ring of gel cushioning it from vibrations. This improves imaging and dispersion for a more natural, spacious treble. The two-way 685 S2 also features a full-range 6.5-inch driver constructed from woven Kevlar and using Anti-Resonance Plug dustcaps. The result is stunning audio quality from a highly versatile smaller speaker.

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    Speaker type Indoor
    Color Black
    Number of drivers 2
    Frequency response 52 Hz - 22 kHz
    Sensitivity 87dB
    Amplifier recommended range 25W - 100W
    Impedance 8 Ohms
    Additional information 2-way vented-box system; Decoupled Double Dome aluminium tweeter with Nautilus tube loading; Kevlar brand fibre cone bass/midrange Flowport
    High-frequency drivers 1 x 25mm (1 in) aluminium dome
    Midrange drivers 1 x 165mm (6.5 in) woven Kevlar cone
    Crossover 4kHz
    Width 7.48 inch(es) / 19.0 cm
    Height 13.58 inch(es) / 34.5 cm
    Depth 12.76 inch(es) / 32.4 cm
    Weight 14.99 lb(s) / 6.8 kg
    Warranty 2 years

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