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  • La clef de sol
    840, Bouvier Street, Quebec QC G2J 1A3 Tel: 418-627-0840

    $ 199.99

    (Cables - Audio)

    AudioQuest’s Flat Series speaker cable is built around a Semi-Solid Concentric design. While this is not as transparent as AudioQuest’s Solid-Core Conductors, Semi-Solid wire is significantly more resolved than conventional stranded bundle wire.

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    Format Specialty
    Specialty Speaker cable
    Type Cable
    Additional information • Q2's Solid+ Concentric Conductors comprise a perfect circle of 11 smaller strands of LGC copper spiraled around a single larger strand of LGC. The result is a flexible conductor with sound quality approaching that of an ideal solid conductor
    • The two conductors in Q2 cable are spiraled around one another, providing lower inductance, greater clarity, and superior bass-to-treble frequency extension
    • While gold adds a slight softening to the sound, thick silver plating actually provides superior clarity versus an unplated part: The copper is protected and the sound is improved!

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