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    (Home Speakers - In-Ceiling Speakers)

    The C-LCR In-Ceiling speaker places the drivers on an angled baffle in a deeper box to allow proper dispersion required to create a nice three-dimensional sound stage when recessed into the ceiling. As expected from PSB, these are very musical sounding speakers.

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    In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speakers with Legendary PSB Sound

    PSB speakers are cherished for their true-to-nature sound—a sound that is neither hyped up to sound momentarily impressive, nor dulled down to blend into the background ambience. Instead, PSB engineers use over 40 years of acoustic research and experience to create products that sound exactly right, speakers that disappear, leaving only musical expression in their wake. With these new designs, PSB has taken the advanced driver technology developed for the Imagine Series of bookshelf and floorstanding speakers and adapted it for the unique requirements of custom installation. The result is a nearly invisible presence, both visually and sonically, that redefines how music can sound in the custom home.

    Unlike other In-Wall speakers whose performance is compromised by the very wall into which they are installed; PSB includes a superbly engineered enclosure that ensures the acoustic integrity of the design in every installation. This truly rigid speaker baffle is essential for resonance-free sound and makes it possible to get a predictable high quality result in every installation. The computer-modelled enclosure has exactly the right internal volume to match the drivers to deliver high sensitivity combined with excellent bass extension and quality.

    Ease of Installation

    PSB recognizes the importance of simple, straightforward installation to the success and profitability of every project. Using the tried and true 'dog ear' mounting system makes for a familiar and trouble-free installation. Specially developed heavy-duty dog ears are secure and really quick to install. The magnetically detachable grille is powder coated in white and can be painted to match any décor. The grille also includes a scrim that makes the grille visually opaque so the drivers are not visible. A pre-construction bracket is also available for new construction projects.

    Seamless Integration

    PSB CustomSound speakers are voiced to match our award-winning Imagine floorstanding and stand mounted speakers for complete system design flexibility. In-Ceiling and/or In-Wall speakers can be mixed and matched to precisely accommodate customer requirements. Mixed use Music and Movie systems can combine Imagine Floorstanders for the front stereo pair combined with In-Wall CustomSound speakers for Centre and Surround channels to create an 'invisible theatre' when combined with a drop down screen and projector.

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    Speaker Type Indoor
    Color White
    Number of Drivers 3
    Frequency Response 65 Hz - 23,000 Hz
    Amplifier Recommended Range 20 watts - 150 watts
    Impedance 6 ohms
    High-Frequency Drivers • 1" (25mm)
    • Titanium Dome with Ferrofluid
    Bass Drivers • 2 x 5 1/4" (133mm)
    • Clay/Ceramic reinforced
    • Polypropylene Cone
    • Rubber Surround
    Crossover Information 1,750Hz, LR4
    Weight 7.98 kg (each)
    Weight 24.01 lb(s) / 10.89 kg

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